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About Case Management and Care Coordination

When you as the provider and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont as the plan work together to help coordinate the care of our members, there are times when we may need to use members' Protected Health Information (PHI). Under these circumstances, the members do not need to provide authorization for this use of their PHI.

Blue Cross VT is committed to respecting the privacy of our members' PHI. As a Covered Entity under HIPAA, we do not use or disclose a member's PHI unless either HIPAA's Privacy Rule permits or requires such disclosure, or the member who is the subject of the PHI authorizes such use or disclosure in writing. The Privacy Rule specifically permits the use and disclosure of a member's PHI for the purpose of that member's case management and care coordination. This permitted use allows us to work together with providers in a safe way to help facilitate a member's case management and care coordination needs. (See 45 CFR §§ 164.501, 164.502(a)(1); see also and

How to Refer to Case Management

There are three options to refer to case management and either the member or provider can initiate:

  1. Complete the following form on our website:
  2. Send our team a secure email at
    • ​​​​​​​At a minimum, the email will need to contain the member name, date of birth and phone number where they can be reached.
    • Emails should always be sent through a secure method.
  3. Call (800) 922-8778, option 3.

Temporary/Emergency Policies due to COVID-19

View our Provider Payment Policies on the Provider Policies page.

COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

View details

COVID-19 Administration and Vaccine Billing

Learn more

Claim Submission for COVID-19 Exposure in the Workplace

Review complete details

Reminder: Telephone Services

Please remember to let patients know when you will be billing a phone call as an office visit. Billing for a call as an office visit may result a patient owing a cost share, so it is important for patients to understand the situation.

As stated in our Temporary Corporate Payment Policy 24 (Telephone Only Services), the clinician is responsible for:

  1. Obtaining verbal or written consent from the patient (or his/her representative) for the use of the telephone to conduct an "office visit";
  2. Documenting the patient's consent in the medical record;
  3. Advising the patient when a call converts to an "office visit" that will be billed to BCBSVT; and
  4. Respecting when a patient requests a phone call remain just a call and not be documented or billed as an office visit.

The policies are available in a link in the What's New area, on the Provider Resource Center (secure provider site), or by contacting the provider relations team by email at or phone at (888) 449-0443, option 1.

Provider Change Forms

Group Practice or Independent Provider Demographic Change Forms

To make changes to an address, NPI, tax identification number, or a group name, complete the following:

  • Online Group Enrollment Change Form
  • You will need to include your current IRS Form SS-4 notice (provides verification of EIN) if you are changing your tax identification number or group name

To make a change to a provider name, complete the following:

  • If the provider is part of a group practice, complete an Provider Enrollment/Change Form and include a copy of the updated State licensure and any applicable board certificates
  • If the provider is an independent provider (private practice), complete an Group Enrollment/Change Form and include a copy of the updated State licensure and any applicable board certificates

Mental health and substance abuse clinicians need to complete the Area of Expertise form to identify their area of expertise for marketing in the Blue national directories.

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