Additional Resources

We have compiled additional resources to assist you with accessing the best care available to you.

Blue Cross Resources


Beginning January 1, 2024, a new State of Vermont Mandate for Hearing Aids became effective. Most members can now access high-quality hearing aids by working with their existing audiologist or from our new partner TruHearing. The coverage is for one hearing aid per ear, every three years. Additionally, there is coverage for one routine hearing exam each plan year. Hearing aid(s) must be prescribed, fitted, and dispensed by a hearing care professional like TruHearing or an in-network audiologist.

Health and Wellness Guidance

We give you access to many personalized resources through our Be Well Vermont program so that you can improve your health and wellness. 

In addition, our health library gives you access to easy-to-understand articles and tools on medical conditions, symptoms, tests and treatments.

Integrated Care Management

Our integrated care management team is here to provide you with the personal care, attention and support you need for your physical health, mental health, substance abuse and/or overall well-being.

Lifestyle and Medication Guidance Program

With all the different medications that are available today, we know that it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming if you take several prescription drugs. That’s why we offer a free Lifestyle and Medication Guidance Program.

Coverage While Traveling

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core gives our members access to their health care benefits wherever they go - across the country and around the world. Learn more about your available coverage and search for providers.

Laboratory Services

Providers must use/refer members to in-network laboratories. The below lists provides the details for contracted independent laboratory and lab draw stations.

Healthcare Advisor

Our Healthcare Advisor, available through our secure portals, offers you support tools for helping make your health care decisions. Log in to the Member Resource Center to access tools for comparing hospitals, estimating treatment costs, and estimating prescription drug costs.

Alternative Care Resources

Cardiac Rehab


Neurodevelopmental Assessment

Nutritional Counseling

Private Duty Nursing

Mastectomy Bras/Wigs


TMJ Splint


Additional Tools 

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