Your Health and Wellness

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Your Health Care Partner

As your health care partner, we provide trusted advice to help you improve your health and wellness. We have several free programs for members that offer personalized recommendations and assistance.

In addition to the free programs, there are many other resources available that you can use to improve your health and well-being, such as our Healthwise® Knowledgebase health library and our blog.

Programs for You

Personal Health Support Team

Help managing ongoing conditions like diabetes or something that’s just happened in your life, such as being pregnant or receiving a new diagnosis

Medication Guidance

Discuss the medications you take and options to make them work better for you with our pharmacist

Achieve Your Goals

Take an online assessment in our Be Well Vermont portal and receive recommendations to achieve your health and wellness goals

Additional Resources for You

Member Resource Center

Our online portal where you can log in to view the status of your health care claims, and view information about your health plan’s benefits.

Health Library*

A comprehensive health library with easy-to-understand articles on common medical conditions. Browse for topics and use the interactive tools.

Better Beginning® Program

Our popular Better Beginnings program helps expectant moms ensure they and their baby are getting all the care they need.

*Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont has contracted with Healthwise Knowledgebase for their health library. Healthwise Knowledgebase is solely responsible for its site content as well as the conditions, terms and privacy policies that govern its site.

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