Provider Electronic Payment

Electronic payments are issued by Wells Fargo Bank and are offered free of charge. We encourage you to access electronic payments to help reduce administrative costs, improve cash flow, and have more secure transactions (as compared to paper checks).

  • Provider vouchers for electronic payments must be accessed via the Provider Resource Center. Paper vouchers will cease to be mailed once you are enrolled in electronic payments.

As of November 22, 2021 we have transitioned partners for the collection and maintenance of our providers' banking information. The new online platform is free and secure.

  • If you are a provider new to EFT with Blue Cross, or you are an existing* Blue Cross EFT provider who has a change in banking or other information (tax identification number, name, etc.), enroll for EFT with our partner. We encourage you to review the user’s guide, which is available on the website.

If you need assistance with enrollment, or have any questions, please call at us at (888) 449-0443, option 1. Hours of operation are Monday—Friday 9:00am to 8:00pm ET, except holidays.

*If you are currently receiving EFT from Blue Cross, you do not need to enroll via the link above unless you have a change in your banking or other provider information. When you experience a change, you first need to contact provider relations by email or phone ( or (888) 449-0443, option 1), to have your existing EFT profile ended. Once that is complete, you will have to enroll through the link provided above.

Payment Schedule

Please review our payment schedule for timely processing. Holidays do not impact our payment schedule.

  • Finalized claims move to payment process on Tuesdays
  • Provider vouchers become available in the Provider Resource Center on Wednesdays
  • Electronic payment deposits are made on Fridays

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/835)

An electronic remittance advice (ERA), or 835, is the electronic equivalent of a provider voucher. ERAs are available through a clearinghouse that accepts 835 transactions.

  • View our list of clearinghouses to verify that your vendor accepts 835 transactions and has a relationship with BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont.
  • To receive ERAs through your clearinghouse, complete an EDI 835 Enrollment E-Form, which can be found on our Forms and Resources page under the EDI Form and Guides section.

If you have questions about enrolling in electronic 835, email our team at


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