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Members may need to access different websites in order to complete their needed tasks. Please review the options below to identify which website you need to log in to for completing your task today.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Members are currently unable to access our health care cost tool via the Member Resource Center. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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We have updated the look of our Member Resource Center! You will now see the menus moved to the top, a button for viewing and sending messages, and key resources highlighted on the homepage for ease of access.

The Member Resource Center allows you to access your benefit details and usage, check on a claims status, use the health care tools, and more.


As of January 1, 2021, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont will no longer automatically send you your Summary of Health Plan Payments if you do not owe any money, or the amount is equal to your co-payment amount. These documents are available in the Member Resource Center.

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New members are eligible to register upon their effective date and once they have received their Identification Card. If you have questions call Customer Service at (800) 247-2583. You will need your ID card to register.

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Telemedicine Care Resources

We’ve partnered with virtual providers to increase your options for accessing care when you need it. Learn more about our telemedicine options and how you can get started using the services.

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Access our payment center or our health and wellness tools and resources using the links below.

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Access to viewing your billing data, making a one-time payment, and setting up recurring payments.

Be Well Vermont

Access our health wellness portal to complete your health assessment and view health and wellness resources and tools.