Our investment in Vermont isn’t limited to protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of Vermonters. We’re also investing in protecting our state’s environment and increasing sustainability.

Canoe in the water

Working with local environmental and energy efficiency organizations, such as Efficiency Vermont, we’ve made our Berlin headquarters greener. Additionally, our Corporate Sustainability Committee develops programs and initiatives to minimize our environmental impact and encourage sustainable practices in our employees’ professional and personal lives.

Going Greener and Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

  • Solar panels on the roof generate some of the electricity our building uses
  • The building’s heating system has been upgraded to improve efficiency
  • Replaced windows with more energy efficient models
  • LED lighting has been installed
  • Food waste from the cafeteria is collected for composting
  • Excess food from lunches and meetings is donated to local shelter
  • Reduced use of takeout plates and containers in the cafeteria
  • Recycling stations are located throughout the building
  • Water bottle refill stations have been installed to reduce plastic waste
  • Improved lawn mowing practices
  • Installed anti-idling signs in parking lots     
  • To reduce the amount of paper used, we now mail members monthly health plan summaries, rather than sending a separate letter each time we process a claim. We have also stopped mailing printed newsletters to members.
  • Members’ certificates of coverage and other health plan materials are now available electronically, which cuts down on printing and mailing.
  • Many of our employees have the option to work from home several days a week, which reduces carbon emissions from commuting.
  • When our employees do come into the office, they are encouraged to carpool or use the regional bus system, further reducing production of greenhouse gasses by getting more cars off the road.
  • Working with Local Motion, a statewide organization that encourages using bikes for transportation, some our employees have learned creative ways to bike to work.
  • We shred documents so that local farmers can use the material as bedding for their animals, reducing the amount of paper waste generated.
  • We purchase recycled products with post-consumer waste content whenever possible.