Blue Edge Plans

For small to mid-sized Vermont companies, Blue Edge is a simplified and competitively priced health plan solution that meets day-to-day coverage needs while rewarding employers and employees for embracing health and well-being.

Healthy Living Vermont Employees

Innovative Health Benefit Solutions Supporting a Culture of Health and Wellness

Using population health data, we've combined the flexibility of self-funding with a predictable maximum cost to help lower your health care costs and simplify the delivery of high-quality health benefits to your employees.

Blue Edge is best suited for employers who:

  • Have between 25-250 enrolled employees; Blue Edge Business plans can also work for those with a minimum of 5 enrolled employees
  • Are re-thinking traditional health plan programs but still want predictable, monthly costs.
  • Have or want to create a culture of worksite health and wellness – health and wellness participation is mandatory with Blue Edge.
  • Are committed to a multi-year partnership to achieve longer term, health outcomes for their employees.

Experience Blue Edge

We offer two products under Blue Edge — Blue Edge Classic and Blue Edge Business. Both provide an array of benefits to your organization, including:

  • The benefits and services of our medical plans and an integrated stop loss policy
  • Predictable and consolidated monthly payments
  • Wellness incentive and program funding based on your organization's level of engagement with wellness programming
  • Access to our nationwide network of providers (EPO/PPO)
  • A dedicated health and wellness consultant to provide strategic guidance, programming, and resources
  • Use of our Be Well Vermont digital wellness platform to engage and motivate employees to participate in healthier behaviors
  • Access to our Vermont Blue Rx pharmacy services, which maximize savings while still providing medications that groups and their employees need to stay healthy
  • Personalized support with a registered nurse or licensed social worker through our care management programs—from healthy goal setting to helping people manage chronic or acute conditions
  • Award-winning customer service and support

Refunds for Living Well

Between 2021-2022, nearly 50% of our small business customers received a surplus equaling $987,000 ($1,400 per employee, per year) and reported higher levels of employee participation in health and wellness programming.

Blue Edge Classic

Designed for businesses that have 25 or more enrolled employees, Blue Edge Classic offers flexibility for your health and wellness plan. We will work with you to determine which level of wellness programming engagement best aligns with your company's unique needs and goals.

Blue Edge Classic allows you to build a culture of health and wellness through:

  • Predictable monthly costs and integrated stop loss policy
  • Potential savings returned to your business based on health and wellness improvements
  • Participation in BeWell@Work, an innovative program that helps businesses provide incentives to its employees that encourage preventive care and engagement in wellness programming

Depending on your organization's level of engagement with health and wellness, you will receive between $1,000-$3,000 in program funding. The Blue Edge Classic wellness programs also pay your employees to participate.

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Blue Edge Classic Brochure

Blue Edge Business

Blue Edge Business is designed specifically for small businesses with five or more enrolled employees. We offer four different plan options, allowing you to build a health care plan that works to meet the needs of you and your employees.

Blue Edge Classic allows you to build a health plan that keeps your business' health goals moving forward:

  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Plan options are HRA/HSA compatible
  • Potential savings returned to your business based on health and wellness improvements
  • Access to our Be Well Vermont wellness platform to motivate and encourage employees to schedule preventive care and engage in healthier behaviors.

Option 1: CDHP Plans

CDHP plan services are subject to the deductible, except preventive care services. For two-person and family plans, the amounts below are double.

Plan Designs Individual Plan Deductible Individual Plan Out-of-Pocket Maximum
CDHP 1 $2,750 $2,750
CDHP 2 $6,550* $6,550*

*An individual would pay no more than $9,450.

Option 2: Copay Plans

Copay plans provide set amounts for office visits and deductibles for other services (except preventive services)

Plan Designs Individual Plan Deductible Individual Plan Out-of-Pocket Maximum Office Visits
Copay 1 $850 $4,500 medical
$1,600 pharmacy
$30 PCP/MH
$50 specialist
Copay 2 $3,000 $9,450 $30 PCP/MH
$50 specialist

For a more complete list of benefits and member cost shares please visit

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Blue Edge Business plans are distributed through Business Resource Services (BRS). To learn more visit, call (802) 865-4560, or email

Blue Edge Business Brochure