More Financial Help Is Available for Buying Health Insurance

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Federal subsidies to help purchase health insurance have been extended for next year. Learn how to see if you are eligible for the premium assistance.

Federal subsidies to help purchase health insurance have been extended for next year, under the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act. That means more Vermonters than ever can qualify for assistance in lowering their monthly health plan costs.

Save Money on Premiums

Since 2014, the Affordable Care Act has been providing subsidies (through tax credits) for people who buy health insurance on their own – not through an employer or Medicare. This includes the self-employed and early retirees. Millions of people have been able to buy health coverage at affordable rates because of the federal program.

When Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act in 2021, it increased the size of health insurance premium subsidies. That aid was scheduled to end after this year, but now has been extended for three more years.

Vermonters can be eligible for premium subsidies in 2023 if they earn up to:

  • $118,740 for individual plans
  • $237,481 for two person plans
  • $229,168 for parent and child plans
  • $333,660 for family plans

The size of a subsidy will depend on your income, but the help can be substantial. For example, a two-person household with an annual income of $90,000 may qualify for a premium subsidy of $1,044 per month.

Tip: You can get a quick estimate of how much you can save by using the Plan Comparison Tool on the Vermont Health Connect website. You’ll see what your potential subsidy is and how much it can lower the monthly cost of our health plans.

Next Steps

To be eligible for premium subsidies, you:

  • Must not be enrolled in Medicare
  • Must not have affordable employer-sponsored health coverage
  • Must enroll through Vermont Health Connect by January 15, 2023

To see if you or members of your household are eligible, call Vermont Health Connect at (855) 899-9600 or visit

Even if you have not been eligible for subsidies in the past, you should check again as you may now qualify. When you sign up through Vermont Health Connect, you can keep your existing Blue Cross plan with a new lower monthly premium.

Please note that if you purchase your health insurance directly from us, you will not be eligible for premium subsidies. They are only available by enrolling through Vermont Health Connect.

If you have any questions, give our local team a call at (800) 255-4550 or email, and we’ll be glad to help.