Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

We want to make sure that you are aware of all the benefits that may be available to you. The Inflation Reduction Act allow Vermont households to possibly qualify for expanded premium tax credits in 2024, through Vermont's health insurance marketplace, Vermont Health Connect. These premium tax credits may make your Blue Cross health insurance plan more affordable.

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If you’re looking for health insurance for yourself or your family, you've come to the right place. We offer three levels of

our Qualified Health Plans (QHP), with a variety of different plans designed to fit your needs and budget. With our plans you get coverage from a trusted, local, not-for-profit health insurance provider that’s focused on your health and well-being with:

  • Award-winning, Vermont based customer service
  • Access to the largest network of doctors and hospitals in Vermont, throughout the U.S. and international
  • Preventive health services, received in-network, at no cost to you
  • 24/7 telemedicine access through AmWell®
  • Health and wellness resources to educate, set goals, and track your progress
  • Cost comparison tools to make more informed decisions

View more information about our plans below, compare plans using our find-a-plan tool, or use our plan comparison chart.

Our Plan Options

We offer three levels of qualified health plans with different levels to meet your health care needs. Learn more about our plans below or us our Find and Compare Plans tool.

Vermont Preferred Plans

Our Vermont Preferred Plan include 4-8-12 (based on your coverage level) primary care or mental health visits at no cost to you. In addition, you receive special benefits for specialist and nutritional visits for select chronic care conditions. These plans also include a no-deductible wellness drug benefit.

Product Health Savings Account (HSA) Deductible Level PDF Download
Vermont Preferred Gold No Low 2024 Vermont Preferred Gold Plan
Vermont Preferred Silver Reflective No Low 2024 Preferred Silver Reflective Plan
Vermont Preferred Silver No Medium 2024 Vermont Preferred Silver Plan
Vermont Preferred Bronze No High 2024 Vermont Preferred Bronze Plan

Vermont Select Plans

Our Vermont Select Plans are great value health plans that you can pair with an integrated Health Savings Account (HSA). They offer complete coverage after your deductible is met for the calendar year, as well as waive the deductible for wellness prescription drugs.

Product Health Savings Account (HSA) Deductible Level PDF Download
Vermont Select Gold CDHP Yes Low 2024 Vermont Select Gold CDHP Plan
Vermont Select Silver CDHP Reflective Yes Medium 2024 Select Silver CDHP Reflective Plan
Vermont Select Silver CDHP Yes Medium 2024 Vermont Select Silver CDHP Plan
Vermont Select Bronze CDHP Yes High 2024 Vermont Select Bronze CDHP Plan

Standard Plans

Our standard qualified health care plans offer the quality service Vermonters have come to know and love. Our Standard Plans plans provide a range of options to help you get the coverage needed.

Product Health Savings Account (HSA) Deductible Level PDF Download
Standard Platinum No Low 2024 Standard Platinum Plan
Standard Gold No Low 2024 Standard Gold Plan
Standard Silver Reflective No Medium 2024 Standard Silver Reflective Plan
Standard Silver No Medium 2024 Standard Silver Plan
Standard Bronze No High 2024 Standard Bronze Plan
Standard Bronze Integrated No High 2024 Standard Bronze Integrated Plan
Standard Silver CDHP Reflective Yes Low 2024 Standard Silver CDHP Reflective Plan
Standard Silver CDHP Yes Low 2024 Standard Silver CDHP Plan
Standard Bronze CDHP Yes Medium 2024 Standard Bronze CDHP Plan
Catastrophic No High 2024 Catastrophic Plan

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Health Plan Contract Documents

Find information for our 2024 Cost-Share Reduction and Native American plans

To view the 2023 benefits summary documents and coverage certificates for our Qualified Health Plans, visit our 2023 Coverage Year Documents for Qualified Health Plans page.