How to Enroll

You have options for enrolling in a health plan, and our team is here to help if you need assistance or have additional questions.

Before you start the process of enrolling, it's important to know when you can enroll.

  1. Open Enrollment begins on November 1 of each year. If you are currently enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont plan through Vermont Health Connect, you will enroll through Vermont Health Connect at this time.
  2. You don't need to wait for open enrollment to begin if you have a qualifying life event. This includes loss of coverage, changes in family status, or changes in employment status.

Keeping Your Current Coverage

If you enrolled in your health plan directly through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and want to keep your current coverage, no action is required, and you will automatically be enrolled in the same plan.

If you enrolled in your health plan through Vermont Health Connect, even if you don’t have any changes, it’s a good idea to check your eligibility status to see if you are receiving the subsidies for which you qualify.

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Connect with Us

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Steps to Update or Enroll in a New Plan

  1. Evaluation of Your Health Care Needs

    Consider your health spending from last year. This includes: 

    • Health plan costs like your premium, co-pay, co-insurance, and doctor visits 
    • Prescription medication costs 
    • Your budget
    • Any anticipated costs due to non-recurring medical needs 

    Once you have estimated your medical expenses and your budget, you can begin to review your plan options.

  2. Review Plan Options

    Use our find a plan tool to review plan details. Give careful consideration to:

    • Costs – including premium, deductible, out-of-pocket limit, cost-sharing, and pharmacy benefits 
    • Subsidies – determine if you qualify for government subsidies through Vermont Health Connect 

    You can also use our comparison chart for viewing plan details.

    Find and Compare Plans

  3. Enroll Now

    Now that you've estimated your budget and spending and found the right plan, it's time to enroll or renew your coverage.

    If you qualify for subsidies, you can enroll in our health plans through Vermont Health Connect.

    If you don't qualify for subsidies through Vermont Health Connect for the upcoming year and are looking to renew your coverage, you have a few options for completing the enrollment process. Complete the appropriate online application below.

    • Use the Online Sign Up Form below if you are new to Blue Cross VT, or are adding/removing dependents for your plan for 2024.
    • Use our interactive PDF enrollment form below and submit the completed form by email to or by mailing it to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont P.O. Box 186, Montpelier, VT 05601-0186

    By clicking the enrollment options below, you are acknowledging you will not receive any premium assistance through Vermont Health Connect, and as a result may end up paying more for your health coverage. To verify your eligibility to qualify for premium assistance and help reduce your monthly premium, visit Vermont Health Connect

     Online Sign-Up FormEnrollment Form (PDF)