Who to Contact for Help

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You have questions, and we want to help get you answers faster. Use this blog to know who to call when you have questions about payments, subsidies, claims, and more.

If you’ve signed up for one of our qualified health plans (QHP), you may have some questions about who you should contact for help with things such as invoices, premium payments, and tax forms. We can direct you to the right source to help with your questions.

Tax Forms

Individual QHP members who enrolled through Vermont Health Connect will receive a Form 1095-A from Vermont Health Connect. This form provides information about the advanced premium tax credits received during the year through Vermont Health Connect. If you haven’t received this form or have questions about the information on it, please contact Vermont Health Connect at (855) 899-9600.

If you enrolled in your QHP directly with us, you may receive a Form 1095-B from us. This form has information about the individuals in your family who had minimum essential coverage for some or all months of the year. These tax forms are mailed by early March and may take up to 10 business days to reach your mailbox. You don’t have wait for your Form 1095-B to file your tax return, as it’s not required.

Invoices and Premium Payments

We now invoice and collect payments from all of our individual QHP members, including those who enrolled through Vermont Health Connect. If you have questions about invoices and premium payments, please contact our payment team at (888) 320-9798.

Payment Options

On the back of your invoice there is information about different payment options, such as using our online payment service, paying by phone, and sending payment by mail. For more information about our online payment options, visit bluecrossvt.org/pay-bill.

First Payment Notification

When a member enrolls through Vermont Health Connect, they’ll receive an invoice from us with the balance due and payment instructions. 

Benefits and Claims

If you have a question about Blue Cross benefits or a recent claim, please contact our local customer service team at (800) 310-5249. This number is also located on the back of your member ID card. You can also register for our member portal to view your plan details on our website at bluecrossvt.org/MRC. You only need your Blue Cross ID card to register.

Enrollment or Subsidies Questions

Members who enrolled through Vermont Health Connect and have questions about their enrollment status or subsidies should contact Vermont Health Connect at (855) 899-9600 or visit their website.