Help Managing Your Lifestyle and Medications

With all the different medications that are available today, we know that it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming if you take several prescription drugs. That’s why we’re offering a free Lifestyle and Medication Guidance Program.

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Lifestyle and Medication Guidance sessions are one-on-one consultations offered in person or via telehealth with a pharmacist who focuses on a holistic health approach, providing education, support and personalized recommendations for your individual needs.

Medication Review
Our pharmacist can help you better understand the medications you’re currently taking and discuss alternatives that might work better. The pharmacist will:

  • Do a full medication review to discuss the medications you’re taking one-by-one
  • Understand how often you take each medication, how well tolerated it is, and how long you’ve been taking it
  • Talk with you about other options that are available, if you are experiencing side effects or want a lower-cost choice

Once the medication review is done, you’ll receive a personal list of your medications and an action plan to follow. If you like, the pharmacist can talk with your health care providers to make recommendations for alternative medications.

How to Enroll
Contact us to schedule your free confidential consultation:

  • Call: (802) 371-3462
  • Secure Fax: (866) 232-3803
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