Vermont Blue Advantage® Earns Second Bid from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Provider talking with a patient over paperwork

Vermont Blue Advantage has been awarded their second contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, offering Medicare Advantage plans to Vermonters.

Berlin, VT— Vermont Blue Advantage is proud to announce the award of their second contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

“Vermont Blue Advantage is the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage plan in the state,” says Pamela Getsie, Plan President of Vermont Blue Advantage. “We are pleased to be entrusted with the health and wellness of Vermonters after our successful inaugural year.”

Vermont Blue Advantage offers three comprehensive plans with premiums starting at $0 a month. All Vermont Blue Advantage plans include medical and Part D drug coverage, along with dental, hearing, vision, fitness, and more. Getsie notes that Vermont Blue Advantage Plans also offer over-the-counter benefits that give members a quarterly allowance for common care items like vitamins, bandages, and cold medicine. “We are proud to offer these plans to our families and friends.” 

Vermont Blue Advantage plans require no referrals and provide broad choice of providers. 96 percent of Vermont hospitals and doctors are in the Vermont Blue Advantage network, ensuring that Vermonters have continuity of care as they move into Medicare. Nationwide, 95 percent of providers are in network. As Vermonters look forward to traveling again after the pandemic, Vermont Blue Advantage will travel with you.  

Vermont Blue Advantage also offers customized group plans for employers who offer retiree health benefits. Municipalities, small and large employers are finding significant savings with Vermont Blue Advantage, while at the same time being able to offer expanded benefits to their retirees.

Vermont Blue Advantage was formed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont to offer Medicare Advantage plans that were created specifically with Vermonters in mind. Offered by private insurers, Medicare Advantage plans bundle the components of traditional Medicare into one seamless health insurance plan. Medicare Advantage (Part C) includes: Part A (hospital services); Part B (medical services); and often Part D (prescription drug coverage). In addition to prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, and hearing benefits are examples of common benefits that are added to Medicare Advantage plans.

Information about Vermont Blue Advantage benefits and a guide on 2022 Medicare options can be found at Vermont seniors can enroll in 2022 plans from October 15 through December 7 in plans designed by Vermonters, for Vermonters.