Growth Mindset to Create Benefits for Vermont Seniors

Pam Getsie, Vermont Blue Advantage

Pamela Getsie was appointed President of Vermont Blue Advantage® in March 2020. Her leadership is essential to the success of this new venture.

Berlin, Vermont— Pamela Getsie is a modern leader. She is both a compassionate listener and a people-first businessperson who appreciates and understands the actuarial science that shapes health care today. Drawing on 25 years of health care management, she was appointed President of Vermont Blue Advantage® in March 2020. Her leadership is essential to the success of this new venture.

Getsie is overseeing the development and implementation of Vermont Blue Advantage, which was formed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont to offer seniors Vermont-grown Medicare Advantage plans. She notes that “Medicare Advantage plans are growing in popularity in Vermont and nationally,” as an alternative to Original Medicare. Over 100,000 seniors in Vermont have Medicare-only coverage, yet Medicare doesn’t cover everything.

Offered by private insurers, Medicare Advantage plans bundle the components of traditional Medicare into one seamless health insurance plan. Medicare Advantage (Part C) includes: Part A (hospital services); Part B (medical services); and often Part D (prescription drug coverage). In addition to prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, and hearing benefits are examples of common benefits that are added to Medicare Advantage plans. 

“One of my core tenants is doing right by Vermont seniors in everything we do. This has been a guardrail for Vermont Blue Advantage since day one, and it is very important for me.  We are delivering a product line we are proud of,” Getsie said.  “Vermont Blue Advantage will help members access the benefits they have earned and deserve. The opportunity to deliver value to Vermont seniors is a driving force behind why I have stepped up to lead this new venture.”

With a degree in quantitative analysis from Bentley College in the Class of 1987 Waltham, MA and an MBA from Norwich University in the Class of 2016 in Northfield, Vermont, Getsie strikes a fine balance of compassionate connection to her team and customers, with the actuarial underpinnings to support her decisions. Her experience with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont in the areas of business development, operations, account management, underwriting, and actuarial analysis are invaluable in the expansion into this new venture.

Getsie showed her innate skill as a leader as she navigated Vermonters through the transition to a public exchange (Vermont Health Connect) in 2014. As Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont’s Enrollment Services Director, she led her team in an effort to keep “members out of the middle” as they navigated new systems and challenges. “We were solely focused on learning and improving. I look forward to bringing the same expertise to the implementation of Vermont Blue Advantage.”

Deeply committed to her family, for the past 24 years Getsie has called Duxbury home, where she raised two sons. “Parenting has been, and will always be, my greatest joy,” she said simply. Her 18-year-old son graduated from high school this spring, navigating the final part of his senior year online as a CCV student. Her other son is 20-years old and is away at college.  She and her partner share two beloved dogs. 

When Getsie takes time off, she loves the outdoors, volunteering, and finds joy in cars and being around car people. Two of her favorite car shows are Better L8 Than Never in Bristol, and Eurobuilt in Rutland.  “I have an affinity for car enthusiasts – the great care and hard work they put into their vehicles, their comradery, and generosity. Nearly all car shows, and events donate entrance fees to local and regional charities.” 

As vice chair of the board for Meals on Wheels of Lamoille County (MOWLC), which was named 2020 non-profit of the year by the Lamoille County Chamber of Commerce, Getsie’s volunteer work is aligned closely with the population Vermont Blue Advantage will serve. “I love what we do, it is such a tangible benefit for seniors, providing meals to people who aren’t mobile and who wouldn’t otherwise have access to nutritional meals. It is an amazing organization.”

Vermont Blue Advantage plans will become available during open enrollment in October 2020.  Getsie shares, “I have taken a leap from an established career to leading a start-up subsidiary for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont because I know we can create value and enhance well-being for Vermont seniors.  I am truly passionate about this.”