2019 Annual Report

Vermont’s a different kind of state. We’re a different kind of health plan.

Couple and baby walking in a field

We believe that every Vermonter should have access to timely, affordable and effective health care. We also believe that  health care” is so much more than annual doctor visits or timely preventive screenings. Supporting real, vibrant health and wellness for Vermonters means caring for the land we share, the communities we call home, and the minds, bodies, and spirits of all who live here.

As “Vermonters serving Vermonters,” we understand the specific needs and unique challenges facing our members, our communities, and our local businesses—because we live here, too. As our state’s only local independent not-for-profit health plan, our expertise working within Vermont’s close-knit communities is unmatched, allowing us to drive innovation, improve population health, and transform standards of care statewide. Our efforts to strengthen Vermont extend to the events we sponsor, the initiatives we support, and the partnerships we build to affect real, positive change for Vermonters.

Our commitment to advancing an integrated whole-person approach to wellness is changing what it means to be a health plan. No two health care journeys are the same, and each person’s journey is their own. No matter where you are along your personal path to optimal health, when you’re a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont member, you’re never alone.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to Keep Vermont Well.

2019 Annual Report    Financial Statements