Wellness Revolution Connects People Through Cycling

Wellness Revolution Group Ride

Blue Cross Vermont and Terry Bicycles are welcoming the return of spring with the Wellness Revolution Cycling Program in St. Johnsbury and Vergennes for the 2024 season.

Berlin, VT – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (Blue Cross VT) and Terry Bicycles are welcoming the return of spring with the Wellness Revolution Cycling Program in St. Johnsbury and Vergennes for the 2024 season. This free program serves those who identify as women to help them break through barriers that keep them off their bikes and connecting with other women in a healthy activity. Vermont offers incredible opportunities for riding across the state. Be it on our bike paths, around town, on mountain bike trails, or on rural gravel roads – cycling provides accessible transportation, wellness, and connection to our environment. 

“It's uplifting to see women come together to take risks and become more confident with their cycling skills,” says Kathy Rossier, retired middle school teacher and Wellness Revolution coordinator. “Wellness Revolution promotes a supportive and community building experience that continues even after the program ends. It’s empowering and energizing, and I am so looking forward to Wellness Revolution 2024!”

No matter what skill level, type of bike you have, or how long it's been since you've ridden, Wellness Revolution is helping build cycling into Vermonters’ lives. Together, the group takes participants through all aspects of cycling, from how to handle basic bike maintenance and repairs, to conditioning and mindfulness, and getting out on a bike with confidence. Registration for the spring Wellness Revolution programs is now open: Wellness Revolution Spring 2024.

“Coming through the long Vermont winter, it can be hard to find the motivation to get out and ride. Maybe we feel a little shaky on the bike, maybe we’re a little nervous about getting stranded with a flat tire, maybe it’s just hard to wrap our heads around rolling out on our own,” says Megan Peek, director of Community Relations and Health Promotion at Blue Cross Vermont. “My favorite thing about the Wellness Revolution is the community and support it builds among women who are at all different places as far as their skill and confidence on a bike—this is truly a program for everyone to remember the exhilaration of biking, and to build some accountability to get out on a ride.”

Both spring Wellness Revolution programs start in May 2024 in St. Johnsbury and Vergennes.  

“We believe so strongly that cycling is a wonderful way to improve a woman’s physical, mental and emotional health,” says Paula Dyba, Executive Vice President of Terry Bicycles. “We love the partnership with Blue Cross VT because it creates a safe, secure way to get women riding again – or for the first time. The joy and camaraderie is a sight to behold.”

These programs often fill up fast and are completely free to participants. Once registered Wellness Revolution Spring 2024, participants will receive detailed information about the program schedule.

  • Wellness Revolution St. Johnsbury: May 14, 2024 – June 8, 2024
  • Wellness Revolution Vergennes: (3 weeks) May 15, 2024 – June 1, 2024

Beyond great exercise and comradery, the Wellness Revolution will also include sessions on bike maintenance, preparation, mindfulness, techniques for safe riding with traffic, route planning, cross training and more. There will be small incentives for participants to reach their goals throughout the program, including a free helmet to kick off the first ride.

For questions email Blue Cross Vermont’s community events team at events@bcbsvt.com.

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