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When walking in the woods, be aware of ticks.

Tips for Preventing Tick Bites

Many of us are aware that tick safety is important, but may not be sure how to best protect ourselves from tick bites. With the number of ticks growing rapidly, don't miss these suggestions for preventing tick bites.

Man checking his pulse during exercise

From Heart Attack to Heart Health: Steve's Story

On November 14, 2021, Corporate Controller Steve Peake celebrated his 27th service anniversary with Blue Cross. While he was mindful of his nearly three decades of service in the healthcare industry, he couldn’t plan for the way this day would change his relationship with health and wellness forever.

A family with flu symptoms

Your Top 10 Flu Shot Questions Answered

To make sure all our fellow Vermonters are equipped with the information you need to stay healthy, we sat down with Dr. Joshua Plavin, our chief medical officer, to get answers to your top flu vaccine questions.

Group yoga session to help patients with their pain

A New Path Forward for Chronic Pain

The PATH program helps participants develop sustainable strategies for living well with the pain that they have. The program’s “whole person” approach melds conventional medical and mental health treatment with weekly group work and alternative therapies.