We're Launching a New Employer Resource Center

We are excited to share that we are launching a new Employer Resource Center (ERC)! Coming this fall, you will have access to many of the same great features you are used to with a more modern design and increased self-service options.

Groups will now be able to add, remove, and update users permissions through a local administrator role. We are asking groups who currently utilize the ERC to identify one employee to pre-register. This person will be assigned the local administrator role and will receive instructions in the upcoming weeks on how to add and set permissions for additional users. Pre-registering a local administrator will allow for seamless access to the ERC when the upgrades go live this fall. 

If you already pre-registered, you can access the new ERC site by logging in below. This will allow you to add and manage your organization's users. If you have an account on our current ERC, to access our new ERC this fall, you will still need to pre-register.

NOTE: If you are looking to make any updates to your existing organization's plan or members, you must use the current ERC to complete these tasks. 

Log in to the Employer Resource Center

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Not Registered? Pre-register today to avoid future interruptions in access. 

NOTE: Your Blue Cross group number is required for pre-registration. This information can be found on your company invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are transitioning our existing employer portal to the same platform we use for our member and provider portals. This will create a more streamlined experience for groups and users of the ERC. Old credentials will no longer work once we make the transition this fall. To avoid interruptions in future access to the new ERC, we are asking select individuals to pre-register. 

At least one individual from groups who want to continue using the Blue Cross ERC should pre-register. This person will be assigned the local administrator role and will be provided instructions in the upcoming weeks on how to add and remove additional members of the organization. We recommend limiting the number of local administrator roles to those you want to have access to oversee the roles of others in the organization, though multiple local administrator roles are allowed.

If you are the first individual registering for your group you will be assigned the local administrator role. This means you will have access to all the standard features of the ERC (same access as the user role) plus the system administrator feature for setting up and overseeing all other users of the group. Typically, the local administrator role is assigned to one individual, though rights can be assigned to more than one person at the company.

Pre-registration is for the local administrator role. Other roles will be added and assigned by the local administrator in the upcoming months. If you are a user of the ERC but shouldn't be a local administrator we recommend reaching out to your current portal administrator.

Brokers will now have access to assist groups through our new Broker Resource Center (BRC). Additional details on this portal and pre-registration can be found on the BRC pre-registration page.