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Temporary/Emergency Policies due to COVID-19

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COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

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COVID-19 Administration and Vaccine Billing

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Claim Submission for COVID-19 Exposure in the Workplace

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Reminder: Telephone Services

Please remember to let patients know when you will be billing a phone call as an office visit. Billing for a call as an office visit may result a patient owing a cost share, so it is important for patients to understand the situation.

As stated in our Temporary Corporate Payment Policy 24 (Telephone Only Services), the clinician is responsible for:

  1. Obtaining verbal or written consent from the patient (or his/her representative) for the use of the telephone to conduct an "office visit";
  2. Documenting the patient's consent in the medical record;
  3. Advising the patient when a call converts to an "office visit" that will be billed to BCBSVT; and
  4. Respecting when a patient requests a phone call remain just a call and not be documented or billed as an office visit.

The policies are available in a link in the What's New area, on the Provider Resource Center (secure provider site), or by contacting the provider relations team by email at or phone at (888) 449-0443, option 1.