Lower Rates for 2022 Blue Cross Medicare Supplemental Plans

NOVEMBER 8, 2021

Berlin, Vermont — Vermont Medigap Blue℠ and Vermont Blue65℠ members will have lower premiums in 2022. Blue Cross is providing rate relief to our members to reflect the lower utilization of health care services by people over age 65 during the pandemic. These rates echo our commitment to cover COVID-19 testing, vaccines and treatment costs from member reserves until the virus becomes part of the normal seasonal health cycle. Vermont Blue65℠ premiums will be 2.8% lower next year while Vermont Medigap Blue℠ premiums will be 0.4% less. This translates into real savings on monthly health premiums for older Vermonters.

“As Vermont’s only local non-profit health plan, we never charge more than the minimum needed to care for our members. Blue Cross rates reflect the true cost of care,” said Don George, President and CEO of Blue Cross. “I can’t remember a time with Blue Cross that has been more challenging for members and providers.” 

For comprehensive health insurance coverage, Medicare-eligible Vermonters can choose supplemental health plans for services not covered by Medicare Parts A (hospital care) and B (non-hospital provider care). Prescription Drug coverage through a Part D plan is also a recommended addition to traditional Medicare. Blue Cross offers Medicare supplement plans to cover every aspect of older Vermonters’ health care needs.

Blue Cross is the only health plan serving Vermonters that has pledged to fund all COVID-related costs from rainy day reserves rather than passing them along to consumers through premiums. “Together, Vermonters will get through this. Lower premiums in 2022 Blue Cross plans are one step toward recovery,” said George.  Our Medicare Supplement members will save $1.9 million in 2022.

To learn more about Blue Cross Medicare Supplement plan information for 2022, visit: https://www.bluecrossvt.org/our-plans/medicare or call the Vermont-based customer sales team at (800) 255-4550.