Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Selects Further to Administer Consumer Directed Health Spending Accounts

JUNE 1, 2020

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (Blue Cross) has selected FurtherSM, a leader in health care spending and savings account administration, to administer their consumer-directed health plan (CDHP) spending account administration services starting January 1, 2021.

The relationship provides Blue Cross members a consistent, high-quality experience to pay for qualified health-related expenses pre-taxed through Further’s health savings accounts (HSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and flexible spending accounts (FSAs).

“We’re thrilled that we’ve chosen a new vendor partner, Further, to administer our CDHP spending account services,” said Andrew Garland, Vice President of Client Relations and External Affairs. “The partnership will enable us to enrich our CDHP products—HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs, help us better engage our accounts and members in their health care, and enhance the overall customer experience.”

“Through our world-class technology, our award-winning customer support team, and our tools and educational resources, members of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont will be better prepared to spend every day wisely,” said Further President and Chief Executive Officer Matt Marek. “We’re pleased that Blue Cross has chosen Further to administer their CDHP spending account administration services.”

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