The Wellness Revolution Promotes Women’s Confidence in Cycling

Group of women cycling during Wellness Revolution program

Our Wellness Revolution program re-launched in 2022 after a pandemic hiatus. The program is designed to promote healthier lifestyles through cycling for Vermonters who identify as women.

Burlington, VT – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (Blue Cross) and Terry Bicycles are re-launching the Wellness Revolution after a pandemic hiatus. The program is designed to promote healthier lifestyles for Vermonters who identify as women through cycling. Registration for the five-week program will run from April 21st through May 6th, or when the program capacity has been reached. 

“We encourage women across the spectrum of cycling comfort levels to join us,” says Megan Peek, Community Relations and Health Education Manager at Blue Cross. “Whether you are just starting out or are looking to get exercise in a supported way, this free program advances women’s cycling abilities, builds confidence, and provides an opportunity to connect in a fun, supportive environment.” 

The program’s mission is to improve the lives of Vermont women by increasing access to health and wellness resources while supporting positive lifestyle changes. Exercise is not only a key contribution to physical and mental health, it supports work productivity and better sleep. Employers are encouraged to reach out to Blue Cross to learn about other creative ways to build employee wellness into every day.

“Women love this program because we help them overcome obstacles and teach them to be comfortable and confident on a bike,” said Liz Robert, CEO of Terry Bicycles. “By taking a holistic approach to cycling with our committed health services partner, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, and adding fun prizes and incentives along the way, our participants stick with it. Many participants keep on cycling long after the program is over, which is the real win for everyone.”

The program has an enduring influence on women’s confidence to get out and stay active on a bike. Cycling is not only fun, but it also gets the heart pumping, and is an excellent transportation alternative that can lessen the dependence on cars.

“Before taking part in the Wellness Revolution, I wasn’t comfortable riding my bike in traffic and I struggled with hills,” says Becky Campbell, a Wellness Revolution alumnus. “Over the course of the program, I built confidence so that I'm not afraid to take my bike onto a busy road, and I have a much better understanding of how to tackle those hills!”

This year's program kicks off on May 17 with an informational and goal-setting session. The program will run on Tuesday evenings in Burlington from 5:30 to 7 PM. The program will culminate on June 18 with a team ride in South Burlington that will include program alumni.

Beyond great exercise and comradery, the Wellness Revolution will also include sessions on bike maintenance with the Old Spokes Home, mindfulness, urban riding techniques, cross training and more. Incentives for the participants to reach their goals include free helmets, a $75 Terry Bicycle gift card and the chance to win a Terry bike!  

To learn more about the Wellness Revolution and other great community events, visit Blue Cross’ community events page.