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The Listen Up! Project is an original touring musical inspired, written, scored, and performed by Vermont youth. We sponsored this youth-led project, which created a space to openly and honestly talk about the challenges that youth face. Those include stressful situations at home and at school, resiliency, diversity, mental health and anxiety, and drug and alcohol use.

The production is the result of feedback from 913 Vermont teens collected through workshops, in-depth interviews, conferences, and special events statewide. The program is our chance to listen to our youth and empower them to tell their stories, raise their voices, and create change in Vermont around many challenging issues.

Our goal is to help Vermonters take action to improve their health and wellness. Open and creative conversation is the key to creating a healthy society. By sponsoring Listen Up! we’re encouraging healthy, meaningful dialogue. Listen Up! offers our community, parents, and youth a space to hear the stories and concerns of youth and have these important conversations.

Screenings are taking place throughout Vermont and in schools. Visit our events calendar page for a listing of upcoming screenings.

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