Accountable Blue Worksite Wellness

Accountable Blue delivers the health and wellness services your employees need to be healthy.

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Focused on helping employers and employees improve their health and well-being, Accountable Blue combines customized data, integrated health and wellness services, and employee incentives to deliver health outcomes.

  • Customizable solutions for your worksite wellness program that help improve employee wellness and lower the organization's health care costs.
  • Interactive tools and resources that empower and motivate employees to manage their health, including a wellness assessment to help employees understand areas for improvement.
  • Access to our local, dedicated wellness consultants that support your health initiatives.
  • We provide wellness funding to support your worksite wellness programming and incentives.
  • A data-driven process that provides valuable insights and progress indicators for you and your employees.
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Collaborating to Build Healthy Organizations

"The idea is to remove barriers and provide wellness-based care to all employees. We wanted something that would benefit everyone regardless of whether they work in manufacturing or marketing."

Michele Asch
VP of Leadership and Organizational Development, Twincraft

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To learn more about Accountable Blue and see if it's a fit for your organization, contact your account manager or our sales executive at (802) 371-3681.